QAP Analytic Solutions was founded in 2014 to create solutions in the data analysis space for the financial market environment. From the beginning, our intention was to do own research, challenge conventions and therefore offer analytic solutions we support with full conviction. Where it is necessary and reasonable, we develop analytic tools and software internally. As a result, our analytical solutions can be understood as practical guidance, underpinned by reliable data and historical simulations. It allows us to accompany our clients as a reliable, long-term partner.

One fundamental pillar of a long-term client relationship is open and honest communication with the client. Being committed to the culture of clear communication, this pillar receives our utmost attention. Especially the financial markets are subject to fluctuations and cycles, including negative market periods or such determined by high uncertainties. During these difficult times, meaningful analysis and interpretations can serve as the basis for decision-making or verify decisions.

Generating added value through our consulting and software with a long-term perspective requires continuous education. Education is an integral part of our corporate culture. Beside pure formal and technical training on analytical methods and programming, we emphasise an in-depth knowledge of new market developments and products. Within the investment strategies developed by QAP, product insight, expertise on market procedures and consideration of the numerous involved parties, belongs to risk management. The critical self-reflection to accept incompleteness of factors considered, is also part of our risk management approach.

We value privacy and care about data protection, encompassing personal and business relevant data. Voluntarily, we underwent an extensive assessment and subsequent guidance on data protection.  For the benefit of our clients, sufficient technical and organisational measures have been implemented to  protect intellectual property in particular.

The company operates independent from any financial institution and does not hold equity interest in companies operating in the financial market environment.



Managing partner and founder of the company is Christian Schuster (Linkedin Profile). Since 2006, Mr. Schuster has been working in the financial market environment. During his earlier career path, he was active in institutional marketing and sales but predominantly in portfolio and fund management. His portfolio management stations included an Equity Long/Short hedge fund and a fund management company spezialised in European ETFs. The development of investment strategies, trading in equities and other securities came along with writing reports and inter-departmental duties. Mr. Schuster always worked in small and mid sized companies, helping to establish one as the first day employee. He gained comprehensive knowledge about the numerous parties involved and the associated processes in the asset management value chain.

Mr. Schuster studied at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and at the School of Management in Buffalo (SUNY), USA, graduating with a German diploma in business adminstration (MBA equivalent). He holds the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation and participated several times in the exam working group for the association. He is a self-taught programmer, coding in various languages from PHP, JavaScript to VBA and R.



We are located in the heart of Germany, just outside of Frankfurt. Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Wiesbaden, Koblenz, Gießen and Mainz are surrounding cities. Directly located at the ICE (high-speed train system) and with three international airports less than an hour away, we reach the major European cities Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, London, Luxemburg, Brussels, Dublin, Munich, Roma, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona in a few hours.